Welcome to the Scan2 Syndicate of FreeBMD

Training Program Graduation Instructions

Congratulations! You are now a fully fledged Scan2 transcriber. We suggest you let Brian Clark know when you have sent in the first file. He will check that it has been received OK by both FreeBMD and Scan2.

The first thing you should do is to Delete the file you created when transcribing the training scan. Deleting this file will prevent you from inadvertently uploading this file to FreeBMD.

Please follow these instructions for obtaining your scan allocations, and uploading to FreeBMD and Scan2. An allocation has been posted to your members page. Although we allocate pages in groups we suggest you complete and submit one page at a time. Allocations are automated so more will appear when your number of pages decreases to one.


Please go to the Scan2 Home Page In order to access your Members Page you will need to Login at this stage. On the left hand menu bar click on Transcriber Login and enter your details in the box concerned.

Once you have done that you will be you will will be moved to an entry page to get your own personal allocations.

You will now be at your own page which shows various details appertaining to you. Under the heading of Open Allocations you will find your allocations under the Status column. Right click on ALL(ocated) and select Save Target As when you will see the Image Scan Access box. Enter your FreeBMD UserID and password in the boxes and click OK. You will now have to choose where you want to save the scan to.

The simplest way is to create a folder on your desktop and name it something like downloaded scans. You can also save to the same location where WinBMD saves its files. This enables you to have everything in the same folder.

Once you have your allocation you are ready to transcribe them into WinBMD. Follow the transcribing instructions contained in the Training document sent to you earlier.


When you've finished a transcription you need to upload the file to FreeBMD and to Scan2

  1. With WinBMD open, click on File --- Send to FreeBMD. That's all there is to it! The file will be sent to FreeBMD and credited to you in the FreeBMD database.
  2. Send a copy to Scan2. Go to the Scan2 Home page andscroll down the left hand side and click on 'Send to Scan2'. You will find a form to upload files - we suggest you do that after each file. Click on the first 'Browse' button and browse to where the file is stored on your computer then click on the file. Next press Upload.

Both Scan2 & FreeBMD will display dialogues confirming either the success or failure ot the upload.

If the upload is successful any warning messages can generally be ignored. If the upload has failed look closely at the reason given. It can help us identify the problem if you are unable to solve it yourself.

Red warning messages on the Scan2 upload usually point to possible errors in transcripion. You should go back and double check. If you make changes, re-submit to both Scan2 & FreeBMD.

You are now ready to start on your next transcription.


In the short term just ask Brian Clark. On a long term basis the following may be useful.

Scan2 has its own Mailing List

It is recommended that you join the list, where you can get answers to your questions. To subscribe / un-subscribe, go to your Members Page on Scan2 and click on the link "Manage Scan2 Mailing List - Update here"

Other Sources of Help

Scan2 Project Instructions (Click on "Project Instructions" on the left hand menu)
FreeBMD Beginner's Help
FreeBMD Transcribers' Knowledge Base
FreeBMD - How to Read Handwriting


There is a lot of detail to take in but it gets easier with time. It is strongly recommend you read the Scan2 Help page & the FreeBMD pages listed above. Much of it won't make much sense but it gives you an idea of what's out there.

Scans are always available via the Scan2 & FreeBMD sites so do not need to be kept after completion of the transcription (unless on Dial-up). They can be, it's up to you.

WinBMD files should be kept unless you have space problems. It is possible you may be asked in the future to make corrections to them, either by Scan2 or FreeBMD. Create a sub-folder and move files after upload. This keeps your "workspace" clear. Note : WinBMD will always save a file to its Default location, even if the file was opened from another location.

Scans can vary in quality although we're in a reasonably good batch at the moment. You can "reject" an image if you don't think it's transcribable with minimum uncertain entries - see Scan2 Help page for details.

Scans can also often be "improved" by using image editing software.

Dudley & Kings Norton These two districts changed their code in 1913. With Dudley there is a hard coded "invalid" entry in the Picklist to remind you there may be a problem. No such luck with Kings Norton and all its variations. The picklist will have the pre 1913 code listed.

At present the scans we're doing have a problem with "spaces" - well WinBMD does. If a forename has two or more initials there is no space - following the TWYS rule there should be no space in your transcription. WinBMD automatically puts one in so it needs to be backspaced out (the next version of WinBMD due out soon will offer this as an option).

Similarly some districts have no space in their name - as far as I know they are not listed in the Picklist.

Finally, if you decide transcribing is not for you or after a while your priorities change and you want to take a break could you please let Scan2 know. Your id gets moved to "Hold" and any open scans re-allocated. If you later decide to take up transcribing again just drop Scan2 an e-mail and a new allocation is made.

Good luck with your transcribing. We hope you will find it a most rewarding and enjoyable experience.